"Cara Highsmith is the consummate professional. Due to her vast experience in all areas of the publishing industry she provides clarity and resolve to every aspect of professional editing in the preparation of manuscripts for your publisher. She has worked with me on the last two of my seven published books and always goes the extra mile. I now include Cara’s participation in my contracts when negotiating with a publisher!” — Ken Mansfield, author of The Roof and Philco

“Cara is the best editor I have ever worked with. She is professional and helps people find their voice and get a hearing.” — Jim Henderson

“Cara’s “Author bedside manner” was instrumental in helping me manifest my dream.” — Sallie Haws

“Cara took her time, passion, and talent to help shape [my] book into its final form . . . and publishing knowledge guided this project right through to the very final stage. It would not have been the same experience without her involvement.” — Marc Cadieux

“Cara [was] my editor and English teacher . . . kept me plugging away with nudging, offering constructive criticism and reinforcement along the way. She was an integral part in this project ever to come to fruition from the early stages when the idea was in my head, to the step-by-step process along the way, and most of all to guiding the writing and the path. There is no possibility this book would have been finished without her.” — Jeremy Barlow

“Love this woman and her gifts and skills. She’s a rockstar in the publishing world!” —Kurt Bubna